JDG Quarter Horses is owned by Jerry and Danelle Griffin, and is located in Maysville, GA.

Contact Information

Jerry and Danelle Griffin

264 Griffin Drive

Maysville, GA 


Phone: 706-677-3310

Call or text: 706-206-5633

email:  jdgqh@windstream.net

World and Congress Champion Breeders


Home of  Salt Of The Rocks

AQHA/APHA Stallion

​7 panel N/N  / Homozygous W35

More about

​Salt On The Rocks

Salt On The Rocks is a 2018 AQHA/APHA rabicano stallion. Rocky is an APHA World Champion Open, and APHA Reserve World Champion Amateur in 2 year old long line. As a yearling he had many wins, and was circuit champion every time shown...