​​​JDG Quarter Horses

JDG Quarter Horses became a reality in October 1979 when Jerry and Danelle Griffin were married and began the journey to fulfill a dream. Starting out slow with trail and error, that dream became a reality. Through the years we have stood several stallions. At present there are no stallions on the farm.

Jerry Griffin has a love of not only horses, but beef cattle. We have a heard of 120 brood cows, made up of cross bred Angus, Hereford, Simangus, and Gert cattle. Jerry has lived his life as a farmer.

Danelle, raised for the most part as a girl in town, but was born with the love of horses. The beast was fed when I turned 11 years old and got my first pony. At that time, never had an idea horses would be how I would make my living later in life. I married a country boy who shared that love. I met Jerry at a horse show and we were married in 1979.

JDG Quarter Horses is just a part of the Jerry Griffin Farm. We have commercial beef cattle, commercial broilers, a small herd of Nigerian Dwarf Goats and you never know what other "critters" will cross these borders!

Please visit our website, see our horses and we hope you will come back often to see what's happening!